Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

We have worked closely with the pharmaceutical industry stakeholders and regulators in the creation of our expertise in the Industry, which covers all aspects of time-sensitive and temperature-controlled cargo shipping, including effective cool chain management and risk mitigation.

Our aim is to help you provide state-of-the-art handling of pharmaceutical products that meet the requirements of the manufacturers. We assess and validate cool chain processes and/or facilities, ensuring that they comply with all applicable standards, guidelines, and regulations.

We currently serve 5+ Pharmaceutical corporations who are dealing in Medical devices, sterilized equipment and much more. We have the expertise to provide the required type of Temperature controlled warehousing services that comply with the SFDA requirements. Our trained manpower with technological support ensures prevention of contamination, monitor, and control products movement based on expiry dates, batch tracking, provision of the quarantine area, temperature monitoring, recording and pest management etc., as is typically required for this Industry in addition to its stringent Safety and security measures.

Case Study

As a debutant IKAR NEXHOLD approached to provide them with storage and handling solutions in compliance with the requirements of SFDA. We as TLC conducted a due diligence study and after careful analysis provided them with the required support. Though they started with a minimum volume of 200 Pallets in the month of August 2016 at Riyadh today they have grown by 142% in Riyadh and have commence operations in Jeddah too with us.